2012 BLL: Week Five Predictions

2 - Published November 29, 2012 by in Box, CILA, Des Moines

Quick poll: Is there any gift greater than laxing on your birthday?  What if your birthday is post-Thanksgiving and you live in an area where lax is still largely foreign?  Just out of curiosity…

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope everybody had a good one and gorged themselves enough to be satisfied for another year (or until your next family holiday).  Let’s look at how I did with the Week Four predictions:

Game 1 – Singha vs Cyclones – Winner: Cyclones

How did I do? Sadly, I nailed this one.  The 17-1 scoreline speaks for itself.  The Cyclones are an unstoppable force of nature in this league.

Game 2 – Tropics vs Macaques – Winner: Macaques

How did I do? I honestly thought this game would be closer than the 10-5 score based on the tie in their first meeting.

Bonus prediction: There will be pictures taken tonight and I will remember to upload them for tomorrow’s results post.

How did I do? I managed to charge the camera and arranged to have somebody take pictures.  Unfortunately I did not foresee my daughter’s illness or my wife’s panicked request that I forgo lax.  I plan to pick up the camera tonight and will get pictures uploaded as soon as possible.

This week sees a second round of rematches.  Predicting outcomes based on previous games is never a sure thing, but it is something to go off of.  There are many variables that affect outcomes, but a few constants as well.

Game 1 – Cyclones vs Macaques

Last Meeting: Cyclones 9, Macaques 3

Without a doubt, the Macaques are rapidly improving as a team.  Laden with talent, it has taken a few weeks for them to learn to work together.  The team quickly recovered from a second week loss to the Cyclones.  Victories over Singha and the Tropics have helped this team gel.  Without a doubt, they are gunning to take down the Cyclones tonight.

But will it be enough to take down the defending champions?  Frankly, the Cyclones are an unstoppable juggernaut in this league.  As a group, they are extremely familiar with each other and have a strong history on the turf.  The addition of Couch in the cage has only made them stronger.

Picking this game’s winner comes down to history.  You don’t bet against a sure thing, regardless of the payout.

Winner: Cyclones

Game 2 – Tropics vs Singha

Last meeting: Tropics 8, Singha 1

This match up is always full of intrigue.  The volatile combination of youth, experience, skill, and ego on the Tropics bench makes them a force to be reckoned with.  On the other hand, it also makes them their own worst enemy.  Without any guiding presence to reign in their emotions, this team has the potential to self-destruct on the field.

If Singha can get a jump on the Tropics, the self-destruct button may be activated.  Capitalizing on this will be the key to a Singha victory.  Or we could just  -you know- move the ball, take shots, and get back on defense.  Regardless, communication and movement will be critical to finding success, but aren’t they always?

Like the first game, I am predicting based solely on history.  Singha has struggled all season, and struggled last year as the Tigers as well.  The Tropics are the favorite tonight.

Winner: Tropics

Bonus prediction: I will be able to make to the facility, officiate the first game, and play in the second game for the first time since November 1.  But I will be sore as hell in the morning after not playing for nearly a month and still recovering from Thanksgiving and other festivities over the last week.


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  1. Anonymous February 8, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

     quick question…why do hockey and box players wear their helmets so loose?  I just don’t get it.  Football and field lacrosse both have the helmets snug – it takes a lot to jar them loose.  Yet it seems like hockey and box lacrosse have the chinstraps just dangling below the chin and helmets get knocked off quite easily.  That doesn’t sound so protective to me.  What’s the reason?  Also, I’m curious if there’s anything in particular that makes a hockey/box helmet any better than a field lax helmet.  The field of view from a Pro 7 is plenty wide and it’s super light.  Is a box helmet really any better than field helmet?  Just curious…I’m debating if I should just stick with my field helmet when I play box or if it really would be better to go with a hockey/box helmet.

  2. Durston McKenna March 27, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    What kind of cage is that?  I am getting this helmet and just want to know what companies lacrosse mask is compatible because a lot of lacrosse cages won’t fit on all hockey helmets!

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