2012 BLL: Week Four Predictions

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After failing to pick the biggest item of the night last week, I’ll give it another go.  But first, let’s take a look at how I did with last week’s Box Lacrosse League predictions:

Game 1 – Tropics vs Cyclones — Winner: Cyclones

How did I do?  The Cyclones extended their streak last week.

Game 2 – Macaques v Singha — Winner: Singha

How did I do?  The Macaques won this oneIf I was an egotistical man, I would make a comment about my absence being the factor.  But let’s be honest, we all know that the team probably did better without me dragging them down.  The Macaques are an experienced team with a strong physical presence.  Having not experienced the game, I cannot comment further.

Bonus Prediction: I will remember to charge my camera for tonight’s games.  But I will forget to put it in my bag.

How did I do?  I completely blew this one.  The camera was sitting on my shelf, uncharged, while I was toiling in the backyard.  Even if I had charged it and packed it, it would have been for naught…

Not only do I have the camera charged today, but it is already in my bag in the shoe pocket where I am sure to not miss it!  Getting someone to take pictures will be the next step…

In light of last week’s issue, I have sworn to not do any house or yard work during the rest of our Box Lacrosse season.  The wife was in agreement, which is why I recommend making such suggestions when the little lady is sleeping.  Just a little tip for anybody that is considering picking up a ball and chain…

But enough chit-chat.  Let’s get to work.

Game 1 – Singha vs Cyclones

Last meeting: Cyclones 13, Singha 1

This would be the upset to end all upsets.  Will it happen?  Perhaps.  Rumor has it that a nasty virus has escaped a lab on the ISU campus and is turning the student body into lethargic husks incapable of complex movements and thought.  While not of the flesh-eating variety, these collegiate zombies would be weak and useless on the lacrosse field.  Should the rumors be true and the team infected, only goalie Couch would be “normal” come game time.  If this is the case, Singha will draw the Zombieclones to their end of the field before leaving them in the dust to attack Couch en masse.

If my sources in Ames are full of crap, then expect the usual high intensity play from the Cyclones.  They will have strong and quick ball movement coupled with great communication.  Singha will fight like madmen to contain their attack and weasel through their defense.  Couch is a wall in the net, which is worsened by Singha’s low shot numbers.

Whispers are coming from high that Voggesser may make his debut in net for Singha tonight (finally).

Winner: Cyclones

Game 2 –Tropics vs Macaques

Last meeting: Macaques 8, Tropics 8

These teams opened the season with one of the most epic battles in the short history of this league.  Blood was shed.  Tears were spilled.  Screams of agony echoed throughout the Soccer House.  For being such a baller, you’d think that Woodcock would react better to pulling off a band aid…  His teammates recommended leaving it on, but he said something about the Hello Kitty bandaid in his bag being lucky…

On the field, these teams were clearly evenly matched despite Hanks returning to goal after a long hiatus.  He has improved each week.  With reinforcements finally freeing up their schedules to make it out, the Macaques will get an injection to offset the loss of Lowe.  The fresh legs could be the cure for their on field ills.

Don’t count the Tropics out though.  The team is full of young talent, backed by a couple of physical defensive players and supported by a strong goalkeeper.  Ball movement has been almost as good as the Cyclones and their chemistry couldn’t be duplicated in a lab.

This is a tough game to call, but I’m go with age over youth.

Winner: Macaques

Bonus prediction:  There will be pictures taken tonight and I will remember to upload them for tomorrow’s results post.


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