2012 BLL: Week Four Results

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This one will lack game analysis, and for that I apologize.  Some of this text will be kind of personal in nature, but I hope it sheds light on the realities of running a lacrosse organization while juggling a personal life.  If you just want the scores, scroll down to the stars.

My daughter has been sick and was running a fever on Thursday.  After seeing that it had gone down a bit – enough where I felt she was more or less fine – and giving her both of her medications, I set off for the Soccer House.  I set up the field, stretched and warmed up.  I even had the opportunity to start working in the new lacrosse stick I picked up at Lacrosse Panda (expect a review once I get a chance to use it).  Everything was looking solid to get a couple hours of relaxation on the lax field.

Then, literally a minute before the Singha/Cyclones game was set to start, I got a panicked call from the wife asking me to please come home.  Frustrated as I was, the other dads on my team suggested that I leave.  Given that my daughter had a seizure this summer due to a similar illness and fever, I understood why my wife was freaking out.  Reluctantly, I left the Soccer House.

The good news is that her fever continued to drop over the next 24 hours and she was more or less herself yesterday and this morning.  With a fifteen month old, you kind of have to go by behavior since actual communication is nonexistent.  So it looks like she will be nice and healthy for Thanksgiving.

I wanted to put a new photo in, but my office computer had other ideas…


The good news is that I did manage to get the scores for Thursday’s games.  I am still waiting for the Week Three scores, but I have been told that they are recorded somewhere and that I will get them soon.

Game 1 – Cyclones 17, Singha 1

Both teams were operating at a bare bones level.  My departure left Singha with nobody on the bench until Arends arrived later.  Voggesser made his box league debut in goal.

Game 2 – Macaques 10, Tropics 5

That makes me two for two on predictions this week!  My bonus prediction once again focused on getting some box lacrosse pics.  This is a good news/bad news situation.  The good news is that my camera was charged, brought to the facility, and handed off.  Pictures were taken (at least of the first game).  The bad news is that I don’t have my camera.  Once I pick it up, I can upload the pics and get them posted.

Additional Notes:

  • There are no Box Lacrosse League games this week due to Thanksgiving.
  • Registration is now open for the inaugural Santa’s Stick Skills youth clinic on December 27 & January 3.
  • Valley players can now order their 2013 gloves, helmets, and bags.
  • Iowa State has some great looking new uniforms courtesy of Boathouse.  The box lacrosse league pictures will offer a nice preview.  I am working with the team to get a full spread.
  • This morning Wilson posted a nice piece on the potential implications of Maryland moving to the B1G.  Regular Lacrosse Iowa readers may remember me speculating last fall about Maryland and Rutgers making this very move…

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