2012 BLL: Week Seven Results & Week Eight Predictions

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Wow.  Last week really crept up on me.  So many things are going on these days that I cannot help but lose track of time…

Registration for Valley’s 2013 season is underway.  Practices plans and other coach-type stuff is being worked on constantly.  And in my “real life” outside of lacrosse, I received some unexpected -but good- news that ate up two of my lunch hours last week.  I don’t even remember Friday…

It was not until Thursday morning that I realized the 2012 Box Lacrosse League was resuming last week.  A quick reminder was sent to the registered players over my morning break.  I completely forgot about doing a weekly prediction until I was chastised by the Cyclones for my mistake.

Since I did not get a chance to update last week’s scores yet, I am combining those results with this week’s predictions.  There is a good chance that I will do this for the next two weeks as the season winds down and Valley practices wind up.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Week Seven Results

Game 1 – Cyclones 10, Macaques 2

Forget the score.  This game was extremely close for the entirety of the first quarter.  Neither team was getting anywhere.  Couch and Hanks walled up their respective nets.  Only three or four goals had found their way in at the end of the first.  At the end of the second, the Macaques were still within a pair.

Then fatigue set in.  Their rapid play proved unsustainable and Hanks had softened due to numerous shots to the groin.  The Cyclones went on a tear in the third and the rest is history.

Game 2 – Tropics win by forfeit over Singha

Frustration.  That is the only way to describe things.  With only six guys showing up, this was a no go.  We had a somewhat mixed squad scrimmage.

Week Eight Predictions

Game 1 – Tropics vs Cyclones

This is the easiest prediction I will ever make!  Cyclones all the way.

This prediction was made easier by the Tropics’ informing me that they will forfeit this game last Thursday.

Winner: Cyclones

Game 2 – Singha vs Macaques

Another late game for the lions.  It’s a long shot, but it might be the only shot we have left.  I have to pick my team one last time.  Of course we could see the same thing we saw last week, which is nobody showing up…  Still, I have to do it.

Winner: Singha




Well, scrap that. Events transpired after writing the above which made all of that work for naught. But it’s there for those that give a damn.

Since the Tropics announced their intention to forfeit a second game this season, they have removed themselves from championship contention thereby making the remaining games of the season irrelevant.  I notified the league members early Wednesday morning and asked the captains of the top two teams their preference on when to hold the championship game: tonight, next week, or as scheduled on February 7.  Both the Cyclones and Macaques chose to wrap things up tonight.

Pickup games will be held over the remaining dates – January 31 and February 7.  The time is already paid for and we cannot be refunded.  We will have a single pick up game beginning at 9:00 pm and lasting no later than 10:30 pm both nights.

This is what it’s all about

Championship Game – #1 Cyclones vs #2 Macaques

Yeah, these guys just played last week.  If things had gone according to schedule, then there would have been a gap between the games.  Unfortunately the unforeseen circumstances have changed the course of the league.  The big question revolves around whether the Macaques will have the juice to make another run at the Cyclones this time around.

Just as their last three meetings have shown, this will be a defensive contest.  Both goalies have been virtual walls as of late and both defenses have been strong.  However, as demonstrated in last week’s game, the Macaques’ defense has a tendency to deteriorate as the game wears on.  As a result, Hanks quickly gets hammered.  No matter how solid a goalie is, it is damn near impossible to keep the net clean under such circumstances.

The Cyclones have been quick to capitalize on defensive failures all season.  When the window opens, they have a knack for piling on the shots at a Gatling’s pace.  In order to have a legitimate shot at the cup, the Macaques have to figure out how to maintain their defensive composure and limit their opponent’s shots.  That and putting a few in themselves.

I will not be posting my pick today.  I truly hope to see a game that comes down to the closing minutes, regardless of the victor.  Perhaps such a nail-biter would restore some optimism to this league…

2011-12 Box Lacrosse League Champions – Cyclones
A few of these guys are now on the Macaques…

Totally Unrelated Notes:

Somewhere on deck, I have photos and a review of the Santa’s Stick Skills clinic that was held over the holidays.  I have an equipment review or two that need to be written.  I am also working on the introductory post for the 2013 Valley season.  My goal is to do a weekly journal, but we all know how I fare with those…

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