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2012 BLL: Week Six Results

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So remember last week when I predicted that I would have some “old man” aches?  You know, stuff like lower back pain and knee stiffness?  Well, yeah.  That hit me this morning.  I’ve been shuffling around the office like a constipated retiree looking for Metamucil all morning.

What I’m trying to say is, getting old sucks and it sucks worse in the wintertime.  That’s right.  My knee stiffens up when the weather is about to go to crap.

Anyway…  Enough about my day.  Let’s talk about more pleasant things.  Lacrosse things.  Let’s talk about box lacrosse in Des Moines, freakin’ Iowa.

It looks a bit like this

Game 1 – Cyclones win by forfeit over Tropics

If there is one team in this league that does not need any handouts, it’s the Cyclones.  Yet the Tropics opted to give them a gift last night by not showing up.  The bulk of the team opted to go to a wrestling meet.  Only Smith, Halder, and Marcum showed up for the game.

Unfortunately, the Tropics stood a fair chance in this game as the Cyclones had their smallest roster to date…

After the forfeit was awarded to the Cyclones, the players decided on a mixed squad scrimmage.  Thompson, Love, and I were present at the start and joined the game.  All-in-all, it was the most enjoyable box game of the season.  Everybody was relaxed and clearly having fun.  I hope this is a sign of what we can expect from the next two weeks’ pick up games.

Game 2 – Macaques 9, Singha 1

As the early game wore down, we started to worry that this game would also be nullified.  But a requisite sixth Singha player arrived at the zero hour and we proceeded as planned.  Not that it mattered much in the long run…

The Macaques got up early and often.  Hanks looks better in their net each and every week.  Singha struggled to find the net, but not for lack of trying.  We made some honest-to-God plays and moved the ball once in a while.  Our lone mark was a beauty by Benson that started with him snagging a ground ball on our defensive end and running it down with me slightly leading to his right.

Unfortunately that is the only specific play that I recall.  Oh, except for Bartlett checking Voggesser through the door to the bench.  That sucked.

Bonus prediction:  In twist more shocking than the Tropics’ utter failure to show up last night, it was warm in the Soccer House.


  • I brought my camera last night, but there was nobody available to take pictures of either game…  My mission for the final third of the season and the playoffs is to get somebody on that.  Cort Kim at Easton Lacrosse asked about video – which is a great idea.  If I can get somebody to run the camera, I will put hum/her to task.
  • When I put together the non-Cyclones teams this year, I was curious to see how they would come together.  I have to say that the Macaques are coming together like I figured they would.  There is definitely chemistry between their players.  Of course the Tropics (when they are arsed to make an appearance) are performing as expected.
  • So what about Singha?  Despite our consistent losing streak remaining unchallenged, I have to say that I love playing with these guys.  In all honestly, I could not have grabbed a better mix of personalities.  Regardless of the results on the field, there is camaraderie.  Even with the lack of wins, this season has been a positive experience thanks to my teammates.
  • The league will take its annual holiday break, resuming on January 17.  But fret not!  There will be pickup games over the next two weeks.  Games will be from 8:00-9:00 pm on Thursday, December 13 and Thursday, December 20.  Registered league players are free; everybody else is $5.00.  Games are open to high school freshmen through adults.  Players must supply their own equipment.

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