2012 BLL: Week Two Results

1 - Published November 2, 2012 by in Box, CILA, Des Moines

The Central Iowa Lacrosse Association kicked off its fourth season of box lacrosse in Des Moines last Thursday.  With four teams this season, the schedule is balanced with everybody playing nine regular season games through January leading up to the league championship game in February.

Game 1 – Cyclones 9, Macaques 3

Both teams had several absences last night, but the Macaques suffered more from the lack of depth.  Early on, this game was a pure goalie battle with Hanks and Couch both doing their best impressions of brick walls.  The first period was two-thirds of the way over before the Cyclones put their first into the net and that tally stood alone until the Macaques netted an equalizer.

Scoring opened in the second with the Cyclones jumping ahead by a pair early.  A strong individual effort by Woodcock closed the gap but was quickly answered by Cyclones.  The third period saw an exhausted Macaques team struggle on defense.  Facing a relentless barrage of shots, Hanks’ wall crumbled despite his best efforts.

On a side note, the Cyclones debuted their new Boathouse uniforms last night.  They looked pretty kick ass, rocking a retro logo.  I am hoping/expecting to get good pics from them in the near future.

Game 2 – Tropics 8, Singha 1

The Tropics arrived with their full roster last night.  When they stepped onto the field, they carried themselves as if they had already won the game.  Cockiness carried over throughout the game as a couple of players dedicated themselves solely to attempting trick shots on Singha’s fill-in goalie Thompson.  The team relied heavily on a motion-based offense to great effect.

On the other side of the ball, Singha was threadbare with nearly half the team missing.  Jacob Fay’s return was quite welcome.  Picking up where he left off last season, Fay netted the team’s only goal despite several shots from Benson, Waldron and myself.  At times our defense was strong, and at other times porous.  With so many strong shooters and ball carriers on the Tropics team, at time it was difficult to properly allocate resources in the most efficient manner.  Often this resulted in Waldron or me covering two strong shooters up at once up top while the other four tried to contain the motion.

Side note:  I have a gnarly bruise from my right shoulder to my belly button that resembles Tornberg’s stick and a new collection of bruises up my left arm.  Not that I am complaining, because damn it, we are playing box lacrosse in Des Moines, Iowa for the fourth year in a row!  That is all.


Next week the first round of games will wrap up.  Although teams will improve and absences will continue to affect results, we should have a fundamental understanding of how the teams will stack up over the final six weeks.

The Tropics will look to unseat the Cyclones in the 8:00 game.  After two straight losses, Singha will be eager to test their mettle against the Macaques who will be looking for a boost following this week’s loss.

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    I am continually impressed by the amount of lacrosse you guys get in. It’s inspiring!

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