2012 Youth Program Final Weeks

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When I last reported about the 2012 Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Youth Lacrosse Program, there was a heat-related postponement and quite a few forfeits.  Unfortunately both problems continued over the last couple of weeks.

Boys Week 5 Games – July 19

A medical emergency caused the cancellation of all four games on July 19.  Plans were immediately made to make up games the following Monday, July 23.  When that day came, temperatures hovered well above 100 all day and we were forced to cancel the games that night.  A decision was made to cancel the games altogether based on attendance trends and the calendar.

Boys Week 6 Games – July 26

This was the most frustrating night of lacrosse so far.  All four games were declared no contest after all eight teams failed to have the minimum number of players to take the field.  Both divisions played a single scrimmage game with all of the available players participating.

This is the exact scenario we feared this summer.  Following last year’s pilot program, the overwhelming majority of parents and players asked for a league structure this year; we accommodated that.  Unfortunately the sheer number of late-July vacations, camps, and miscellaneous absences caused as few as four boys per team to show up.

Occurrences such as this will lead us to examine next year’s schedule more carefully…

Boys Semifinal Games – July 30

-Senior Division

Once again both games were declared no contest.  As a result, the top two teams (Denver and Syracuse) will play in the championship.  In the event that either team does not have enough players to participate, third seed Maryland will compete in the championship game.  If they lack enough players to compete, then Salisbury will compete.

-Junior Division

#1 Cannons Win, #4 Machine Loss

The top seeded Cannons advance on the forfeiture.  The teams played a scrimmage.

#3 Outlaws 15, #2 Lizards 0

I missed out on this lopsided game.  Given that two of the Lizards previous wins came via forfeiture, this result may not be as shocking as it appears.  The Outlaws advance to face the Cannons, who defeated them 7-0 in their previous meeting.


If at all possible, the championship game will be held between two full teams.  A forfeiture tomorrow night is unacceptable.  If either of the qualifying teams is unable to participate in the championship game, then the next highest ranked team will take their place.

There will be an additional night of lacrosse on Monday, August 6.  It will be a pickup night with randomly drawn teams.

All equipment needs to be turned in on Monday night.


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