2012 Youth Program Launch – Part 5

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With Valley’s 2012 season in the rear view mirror, we are now focused on the future of lacrosse in Central Iowa.  After a successful pilot program last summer, the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association significantly expanded our youth lacrosse program this summer.  A generous gift from West Genesse allowed us to equip a greater number of new players than last year.  Partnering the Valley Lacrosse Club’s long time sponsor, the Walnut Creek YMCA, opened new doors and brought additional resources.

Opening Night

With everything in place for the 2012 Youth Lacrosse Program, we readied ourselves for the opening night.  Check-in tables were set up.  Lacrosse equipment distribution stations were arranged.  Numerous brand new lacrosse sticks waited on the grass.

Between the various ages groups and both genders, roughly 100 kids signed up for the 2012 Youth Lacrosse Program.  The sight was awe-inspiring.  Hoards of younglings with lacrosse sticks flooded the fields that Valley spent the spring practicing on.  The image was truly greater than anything I could have pictured when I started the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association four years ago.

Central Iowa Lacrosse Association 2012 Youth Lacrosse

To help players and parents identify the coaches and staff members, we decided custom shirts were in order.  So we contacted the Lacrosse All Stars Lacrosse Shop.  The end result was this beauty:

Complete with the CILA logo on the back!


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