2012 Youth Program Week One

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Okay, technically this is the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association 2012 Youth Lacrosse Program’s second week.  But it is the first week of games, so let’s go with that.


After spending the opening week in a clinic setting, this week officially kicked off the team atmosphere of the program.  Last week stations were set up to teach all of the fundamental skills: scooping passing, catching, shooting, cradling, and basic defense.

Coaches Austin, Zach, and myself took note of the top guys in each age group to ensure that we spread them around each league to keep games competitive.  A few players at each age level volunteered to play goal and we spread them around as well.  Surprisingly, the younger teams had an average of three kids interested in playing goal.

With the top players and goalies identified and distributed, teams were then assigned.  Teammate requests were honored as much as possible.  Once we felt comfortable with the team assignments for each age level, the boys were split up with their assigned coaches and practices began in earnest.  The coaches were allowed to pick their team names; the senior division uses college names while the junior division uses Major League Lacrosse names.  All teams are wearing blue and white YMCA reversible jerseys.

Although the boys only had a week of clinic sessions and a partial team practice on Monday, the league’s first games began on Thursday night.  Due to schedule conflicts, a handful of coaches were absent which led me to fill in with on the Syracuse (Senior) and Cannons (Junior) bench.

The boys are playing a short field, six on six game.  Long poles are not being used.  Checking is minimal and stick checks are not allowed.

-Senior Division

Syracuse 7, Salisbury 6

Denver 15, Maryland 3

-Junior Division

Cannons 5, Lizards 1

Outlaws 9, Machine 7

Coach Sundermann speaks with the Lizards during halftime

Ref Zach helps the Lziards and Cannons prepare for a face off

Interestingly, both sets of games were won by the same coaching staffs…  This week will see them square off, which could create some interesting results between the two divisions.


While the girls’ program does not have as strong numbers as the boys’ program, girls lacrosse is alive and well in Des Moines.  Roughly a dozen girls are participating this summer and a handful of varsity players are helping Coach Jaacki teach them the sport.

Because they lack the depth of the boys, the girls are scrimmaging on Thursday nights with random rosters.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to make it over to their field soon or at least have my wife snap some pictures since her sister is playing this summer.

From all accounts, things are progressing very nicely on the girls’ side.


Over the weekend, the Syracuse Post Standard featured a follow up on the West Genesee equipment donation.

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