2012 Youth Program Weeks Three & Four

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I have spent much of the last couple of weeks working to restore information on the Valley Tigers’ website following the change in hosts earlier this year.  The good news is that I am almost caught up and hope to have the rest of the information posted by the end of the week.  This has been a time consuming project and has left me with virtually no time to report on our youth lacrosse program.

Nearly four weeks have passed since my last youth program post.  Since then we have had a cancellation, a holiday, and two game days.  It’s been a crazy summer.

Boys Week 3 Games – June 28

Due to extreme heat, these games were postponed and made up yesterday (July 16).  Unfortunately yesterdays was extremely hot as well and games were split into six periods instead of the usual four.

An extremely low number of boys actually showed up, resulting in three forfeits (out of four games) after a reasonable wait period.  Keep in mind that every team has 9-12 players and only 7 are on the field at a time…

-Senior Division

Salisbury Win, Denver Loss

In this forfeited game, there were only enough boys to play five on five (plus goalies) instead of the usual six on six.  We allow the flexibility to sanction games under this format when necessary and this game would have proceeded had each bench had six boys available.  Unfortunately, Denver failed to meet this criteria and had to borrow a player from Salisbury for the scrimmage.

Oddly enough, Denver plus one shut out Salisbury 14-0.

Syracuse Win, Maryland Loss

Just like the above game, Maryland was short a few players and had to forfeit.  I did not get the final score on the scrimmage since I was officiating the other game.

-Junior Division

Lizards Win, Outlaws Loss

In the second game on Field A, the same coaching staff had too few players to compete.  This time around they needed to borrow two from their opponents for the scrimmage.  Worse, there was a goalie shortage and a tarp had to be substituted on one end.  The teams alternated between the goalkeeper and the tarp each period and the game was a real nail biter.

The Lizards won this one on the field 6-4.

Cannons 6, Machine 5

This was the only league game of the night.  Both teams had the requisite number of players and both had goalies in the cage.  Although I missed out on this one since I was on field A, it was a back and forth battle with the Cannons pulling out the victory seconds into overtime.

Boys Week 4 Games – July 12

After taking a week off for Independence Day, practices resumed on Monday (July 9).  The temperatures were notably cooler than they had been (though that would not last long) and it seemed like everybody was ready to lax once again.

-Senior Division

Denver 11, Maryland 2

Syracuse 13, Salisbury 2

Both games were blowouts.  Attendance was something of an issue, but it was the winning teams that were short.  Before creating the rosters, we evaluated the players and attempted to balance the teams.  As I have learned time and time again, reality does not follow the script on paper.  Whether it is better instruction from their coaches, hard work both at and outside of practices, or something else entirely, these teams have definitely pulled ahead.

It will be interesting to see what happens when these juggernauts meet this Thursday.  Denver won their last meeting by seven.

-Junior Division

Outlaws Win, Machine Loss

Cannons 7, Lizards 5

There is no doubt that the Cannons are the strongest team in the division.  Though last night’s Week 3 make up game went to overtime, the team is still undefeated.  In fact, the Cannons are the only undefeated team in either division and are the only team to not have been involved in a forfeited game.  The biggest question at this point is will they continue to run the table through the championship game?

On the other side of the coin, the Machine have yet to win a game.  Last night they can within a hair of upsetting the Cannons and barely lost to the Outlaws in Week One.  Their two remaining losses cam via forfeiture.  If their players start showing up, they could make a solid run through the playoffs.  Their progress from this point is definitely worth monitoring.


The girls have fallen victim to the attendance bug as well.  Coach Jaacki is making due with what she has, but various conflicts have hurt the numbers recently. To help counteract this, the girls official start time has been moved from 6:00 to 6:30.  Players are still welcome to arrive early and throw around.

All currently registered girls are expected encouraged to attend not only for their own development, but for the development of everybody else as well.

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