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2013 Valley Tigers Lacrosse: Mock-ups

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Founded in 2008, the Valley Tigers Lacrosse Club are members of the Nebraska High School Lacrosse League based roughly two hours from Central Iowa in Omaha, NE.  The Tigers joined the league as a JV team in the 2009 season.  They moved to the varsity level in 2010 where they have finished in the top four in each of the last three season under the guidance of head coach Zach Zielonko.  Their overall varsity record includes 39 wins and 11 losses over three seasons.
New logos were introduced last fall, thanks to increased recognition from West Des Moines Community Schools.  The bulk of the coaching staff has moved on.  Last week I dropped some hints about expected uniform changes in a preview of the Tigers’ upcoming season.  Today we’ll take a look at some of the mock-ups we’re considering.

Up first is the uniform mock up.  During our first two years of our existence, the team wore black shorts with black or white jerseys.  The black was switched with a dark orange for the last two seasons (they JV inherited the black shirts).  The varsity also gained a second pair of white shorts in 2011 and 2012.  Because of the logo change, we are going back to a single pair of shorts.  To help offset the costs of a wholesale switch, we are only getting new dark jerseys this season; we will replace the whites next year and wear our current whites on the few occasions where it is absolutely required.  We have requested a couple of alterations, namely dropping “lacrosse” from the logo and making the shorts’ stripes match the jersey’s stripes.  A decision has already been made but is being kept quiet for now.

White – Next Season?



Ever since we first provided the option for team gloves, we have stuck with a simple black and white template.  Our original team gloves were virtually stock Harrow Torrents; our (former) team logo was the only customized component.  The Brine King Superlight gloves we ordered last year featured significant differentiation from the stock models and were designed to blend in with the Torrents.  Keeping with the idea of revamping our overall look, this year’s gloves are a radical departure.  The final version will have the team logo, of course, but should otherwise look fairly similar to this mock-up.

Warrior Hundy

Since moving to a universal helmet color (black) a couple of years ago, we have used the same graphics.  Inspired by the University of Maryland’s iconic look, “Tigers” adorned the left side in a distinctive script.  Players’ numbers adorned the right.  But nothing was as iconic as the back panel.  When we started considering our options with the new logo systems, we were sad to lose the script and flag.  After much deliberation, we decided our state flag simply was not in line with the team’s new aesthetic.  Our new back panel is a departure, but still pays tribute to our location.  While the orange is a little off and the back panel is incorrect (it will be orange with black lettering), the overall design is pretty close to the finalized version.

The only item that is completely finalized is our shooter.  Because this is our fifth year of competition, we are doing something a little special.  Unfortunately for you, I will not be posting that mock-up.  So far only a handful of people have seen it.  Here is a little teaser information: The shooter features one of the new Valley logos, recognition of our anniversary, and a distinct color scheme.

All of the above mock-ups are courtesy of Dasher Sports, official supplier of the Valley Tigers.

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