Box Lacrosse League Suspended for 2013

0 - Published October 18, 2013 by in Box, CILA, Des Moines

After posting some great news the other day, it is my regret to announce that the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association will not be sponsoring a box lacrosse league this season.  This decision was months in the making and took a huge emotional toll on me.

One of our disappointed box laxers

One of our disappointed box laxers

Roughly a year after I laid the groundwork to establish the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association, I launched Iowa’s first box lacrosse league in 2009 and proudly ran the league every fall/winter through last January.  Unfortunately numerous issues caused me to begin examining the sustainability of the league as last season wound down.  An overall decline in participation led to fewer teams and fewer players per team, which also reduced the expected amount of dues being paid and ultimately led to the balance coming out of my pocket, which is a situation that I have no desire to be in.  I am not involved with lacrosse to make money, but I certainly do not want to drain my family’s bank account to force a square peg into a round hole.  Coupled with that were devastating attendance issues that led to multiple forfeits and many short bench games.  Facility issues -particularly with time availability and pricing practices that favor other organizations – only pushed the stress and frustration further.

Gearing up for the first game of our first season of Box Lacrosse in Des Moines

Gearing up for the first game of our first season of Box Lacrosse in Des Moines

At some point over the summer, during our youth league, I reached the point of near burnout.  I had become utterly exhausted by lacrosse after spending the bulk of the four plus years operating local leagues for adults, coaching youth and high school lacrosse, and occasionally playing a game or two.  This led me to take a step back and evaluate what I truly enjoyed about lacrosse and what I wanted from the game.

Ultimately I realized that while the game itself was what originally drew me in, working with kids and teens is what drives me.  So, in order to maintain the continued growth and expansion of lacrosse as a whole while also maintaining my sanity, I decided that the increasingly problematic box lacrosse league was expendable.  Especially with the hours that it required and the interference with my work and family.

If another, more suitable, venue becomes available in the future, and the situation is more favorable, then adult box lacrosse is something that may be revisited.  Then again, if such an opportunity arises, it is likely that I evaluate the possibility of youth box lacrosse as well.  With youth box teams forming all over the country, this certainly seems like an avenue worth exploring…

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