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I know regular readers are eager to see the weekly recap of Valley’s games, but unfortunately that post will be delayed this week.  Dues to some issues beyond my control, I had to miss yesterday’s varsity game; the JV game was canceled by the opposing team.  The team’s score book is currently in somebody else’s possession.

*Spoiler Alert*

It was a strong weekend for the varsity.  The Tigers faced competition from the Kansas League at Creighton Prep.  The morning game saw a 10-8 win over Olathe.  In the afternoon, Valley defeated Blue Valley North13-3.  The JV lost to BVN 10-4.  Yesterday’s home game saw a massive 20-2 win over league opponent Westside.  The Tigers are now 6-1 in league play and 8-1 overall.

**End Spoilers**

Creighton Prep and Bellevue will come to West Des Moines on Saturday.  The first varsity game will begin at 10:00 am.

I spent most of Friday building a new website for the Tigers.  Our current server is going offline at the end of the month, so I am pushing hard to get new sites up and running for both Valley and the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association.  Valley’s new website is functionally ready, but only the information for the current season is posted due to the small window available.  The remaining statistics and information will be updated over the next several months.  I originally intended the new website to go live today, but the unexpected circumstances that prevented me from attending yesterday’s games also prevented that.  Because coaches’ email will be affected, the change will occur next weekend.

Unfortunately, the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association’s transition has yet to start.  Valley is the priority since they are currently active.  However, a rudimentary, bare bones version of the new CILA site should be live next week.

Speaking of the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association, early communication from West Genesee’s equipment drive indicates that the event was a success beyond belief.  When Higginbotham and Glesener began their project to collect lacrosse equipment for the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association and Denver City lax, we all hoped that there would be plenty to go around.  From the sound of it, the lacrosse community stepped up in a big way and even players from competing teams donated lacrosse gear thanks to a local article about the event. Once again, the lacrosse community simply amazes me.  Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to these outstanding gentlemen and everybody that donated gear and/or time to this event.

Ted Glesener & Adam Higginbotham, True Game Growers

With final preparations for the 2012 youth program currently underway, the gear will definitely be put to good use.  Because lacrosse is still so foreign here, lacrosse equipment packages are a hard expense for parents to justify; the down economy makes it even harder.  Thanks to the hard work by the West Genesee players and other volunteers, we will be able to get even more boys geared up.

2011 League Champion Gargoyles

I have received a couple of inquiries about summer lacrosse for adults this year.  The short answer is that there will be summer lacrosse.  However, the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association will not be running a full blown league this year.  Although the increased emphasis on youth lacrosse and the time involved is a primary factor, there are other items that led us to this decision.  The biggest factors relate to league attendance, officiating, and growth of the game.

We will have pick up games this summer.  The schedule is still under discussion.

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