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Despite what the varsity players think, Coach Sundermann and I try to keep the mood light during Valley Tigers JV practices.  Sure the boys get in their fair share of running and conditioning in, but being in shape is key to a successful lacrosse season…

Following a successful game day which saw the JV Tigers play a tight game against Creighton Prep before soundly defeating Bellevue, Coach Sundermann and I decided a truly fun practice was in order.  When the boys arrived, they started their usual routine.  To truly conceal what we planned, we acted like extreme hard asses the entire time.  Then, just as they got in push up position, we ordered them to stand up and relax.

Taking a cue from the Major League Lacrosse All Star Game halftime traditions, we held a multitude of fun shooting skills competition.  First up was a lively game of Braveheart with the final contestant facing off against Coach Sundermann.  Next came a heated and creative trick shot competition, with an awe-inspiring yet unexpected winner – a moment that literally elicited a “holy shit” from my mouth; I really wish that I had recorded it.  After a water break, we split the boys into two groups for speed shot competitions and games of Around the World.  Both groups played their round of each competition before we left practice.

Nobody knew going in that there would be prizes awarded.  When we got together a week later, I distributed some goodies fresh from the The Lacrosse All Stars Lacrosse Shop.

Feast your eyes on this bounty

For winning their respective group’s game of Around the World, Charles Love and Trip Bartlett each won a of Lacrosse All Stars GTG laces.

For winning their respective group’s speed shot competition, Jack Parker and Jacob Oberender each won a of Lacrosse All Stars GTG laces.

For winning the Braveheart competition, Ross Delsol won a pair of Lacrosse All Stars GTG laces.

And the big winner of the day was Charles Love for scoring a sick back-to-the-goal between-the-legs jump-shot during the trick shot competition.  Charles received a pair of black LAS socks.

While I was in the Lacrosse Shop, I decided to pick up a couple of pairs of Thailand socks and a new t-shirt.  I grabbed some LAS socks and a shirt for Coach Sundermann as a thank you for about a bajillion errands he’s run for me this season.

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