Grow the Game – West & North Iowa Edition

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Western Iowa

On the Western Front, Dordt’s MCLA program is back up and running.  A good friend of mine currently plays for the Sowers and is committed to building a strong and sustainable team.  Originally from the Sioux City area, he is also interested in building a youth/high school program in his home town.  Located about an hour south of Sioux Center, there is a possibility that the Dordt team could be on board with those efforts.

Lax in the middle of nowhere, Iowa

The Sowers would not be acting alone.  After a few individuals from the Sioux City metro recently contacted me about launching a program, I went through my email looking for anybody in that area.  Then I found an email from an individual with a well-constructed, ambitious plan to bring lacrosse to southeastern South Dakota.  Culturally, there is a lot of overlap between western Iowa and eastern South Dakota; the Sioux City metro actually straddles the state line.

For perspective, Dordt resides near the letter “I”

Unfortunately Sioux City is about three hours from Des Moines, making my direct involvement fairly tricky.  Luckily it is only an hour and a half from Omaha, so it may be possible to get one of my associates from the Nebraska High School Lacrosse League to lend a hand.  The proximity to Omaha may also aid the formation of a high school team in the metro.

Northern Iowa

So far I have had no conversations with anybody in northern (central) Iowa.  There are areas that have strong potential for lacrosse; Mason City sticks out as a good example.  Located near the Minnesota border, a team could be an easy fit for the Minnesota Boys Scholastic Lacrosse Association, the high school club league in the state.  Their two hour drive to the Twin Cities would be comparable to Valley’s Omaha trips.  Should an Iowa league eventually arise, trips to Des Moines and Cedar Rapids would be similar.  Waterloo would be even closer.

Mason City aka South Minnesota

There are a couple of decent sized metros between here and there, mostly along the Interstate 35 corridor that could support lacrosse.  Ames is the most notable.  The Iowa State lacrosse team could possibly help with development just like their counterparts in Iowa City.  At least one experienced individual is currently teaching in the area and could assist with coaching.  Today a coworker informed me of a family moving from a lax heavy state to the area…

The Cyclones could follow the Hawkeyes’ lead by developing local youth lax

Like Southern Iowa, I will continue to keep my ears open for interested parties up north.  In the meantime, I plan to pursue conversations with the potential coaches I mentioned above.

Central Iowa

Eastern & Southern Iowa

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