Not All Quiet on the Eastern Front

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The next lax mecca?

Over the last week I was contacted by two individuals in the Quad Cities.  Although I cannot get into too much detail, one of these individuals represented a larger organization exploring the possibility of bring youth lacrosse to that metro on a permanent basis.  The other was a relocated laxer looking for some action.  Although my responses were detailed to their particular inquiries and needs, I suggested that both contact Palmer’s MCLA team and the new varsity team at Augustana.

As excited as I am about the prospects of  youth lacrosse in the  QC, I realize that whichever group(s) make a go of it will have some heavy struggles – especially if their plans include high school lacrosse.  Whereas Des Moines is within a couple of hours of both Kansas City and Omaha, and only an additional hour from Minneapolis, the Quad Cities are even farther removed from any established lax areas.  Dubuque is the closest metro with any sort of youth lacrosse, but they are not fielding a high school team yet (to my knowledge).  At least Dubuque has the luxury of joining the Madison division of the Wisconsin league.  Teams in Iowa half of the Quad Cities would most likely be shut out of the Illinois league, and all area teams would be shut out of Missouri; both leagues are state-specific.

The best case scenario would be a Quad Cities-based league of four to six teams to provide stable competition for local players.  From there, it is not hard to imagine teams traveling from around the region for a game or two.  Valley uses its location to similar advantage.  Even a small league partnered with Dubuque could prove stable and worthwhile.

Eventually teams in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City could bridge the gap between Des Moines and the Quad Cities.  Waterloo’s inclusion would provide suitable travel for Dubuque and Cedar Rapids-based teams.  But a lot of work must be done in both metros; thus far nobody is taking any initiative in either…


Posts Regarding the Growth of Lacrosse In Iowa:

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Moving On Up: Augustana – While technically not in Iowa, Augustana is just over the border in Rock Island, IL.  Rock Island is part of the Quad Cities, which is a dual state metro.  Close enough.  Valley coach Tyler Nielsen played for the Vikings in the MCLA.

Spread the Word: Lacrosse Is Coming to Dubuque – The Dubuque Lacrosse Association has been hosting free sessions every Saturday this fall.  Just one of many ways they are trying to grow the game.

University of Dubuque – The Spartans will be the first college in the state of Iowa to add varsity lacrosse next season.  Dubuque will add lax for both men and women.

Another NCAA Program in Dubuque – Days after the Dubuque announcement, Loras College added womens’ lacrosse as a varsity sport.

We Need More Coaches – Seriously.  With an ever increasing number of players and interested youth, we have a major shortage of potential coaches.  We cannot have real growth without guidance.

Expanding Lacrosse Iowa – Anyone want to actively contribute to growth by using their fingertips?  We’re looking for a few good men (and women) to join Lacrosse Iowa as contributors.   Why not take some ownership and get involved in the growth of the game?


Speaking of growth, Wilson has been writing up a storm over on the LAS Mothership.

Easton Lacrosse’s Native Vision: New Mexico – One of the newest large companies to enter lacrosse is already working to grow the game.  A stopover at Native Vision, a camp for native kids in New Mexico, included a lax session conducted by the legendary Sid Jamieson and Alfie Jacques.

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Be sure to check out Thailand Lacrosse for the latest developments in Asia.  At little closer to home, Idaho Lax Reporter has got the skinny on developments in the Potato State.  412 is actively increasing its scope to include more the MCLA.

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    Trolling around looking for youth lacrosse in the quad cities, have five u10 soccer players interested from seeing the game once on tv, please post any info as soon as you hear.

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