Semifinal Results: Box Lacrosse League

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The 2011-12 season of the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Box Lacrosse League is nearly complete; last night’s action demonstrated just how close we are to the end.  Both games carried ridiculous amounts of intensity and strong physicality.  For the first time in league history, we saw two boarding calls and what looked like a pretty bad concussion.

Passion was definitely driving all four teams.

#1 Cyclones 12, #4 Dragons 3

Scrimmager (Dragons) on the transition

Attendance issues plagued the Dragons yet again, but the team played with a lot of pride and emotion.  They did not stop battling despite the dominance of the Cyclones.  Scrimmager was a Hoover on the ground balls and Fitch made at least seven saves for each ball that found the back of the net.  Brown picked up the season’s first boarding call; the long nonreleasable penalty led to four Cyclone goals.

The Cyclones played with poise and class.  Their communication was strong and their defensive positioning demonstrated why they are so dominant in this league.  Ball movement was continuous, as were the shots.  The Clones fired a relentless barrage and recovered the bulk of the rebounds.  Confidence, not cockiness, defined the team last night.

More pics are available here

#2 Aces 7, #3 Bulldogs 4

In light of the first game’s boarding call, both teams were made aware of the tightened calls along the boards before the game.  Unfortunately the second boarding call of the night came not too far into the first period.  Nielsen of the Aces sat while his team executed a nearly flawless penalty kill.  Instead of giving up goals, the Aces managed to net a few thanks to strong defensive pressure and heads up play by Griess.

Griess was the Aces’ go-to guy all night and led the team in scoring.  His shot selection and placement were leaps and bounds ahead of previous games.  Griess played like a man possessed; it was clear that he was in playoff mode last night.

Griess lightning (with ball, orange gloves)

The Bulldogs also played an extremely strong game last night.  With a deeper bench than weeks past, they had the legs to run with the Aces most of the night.  Defense was remarkably improved as a result.  Solid goalkeeping was supported and transitions occurred with more regularity.  Had the Bulldogs been able to capitalize on the long man-up situation, the result could have been different.

More pics are available here


Next week the Cyclones and Aces meet at 8:00 pm to determine who will take home the coveted Jim Burk Trophy.  Expect a hotly contest, physical battle that may stretch into overtime.

The Bulldogs and Dragons will play in the consolation game following the presentation of the championship trophy.

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