Summer 2013 Youth Lacrosse: Week 3 Results

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After taking a week off for the Fourth, youth lacrosse resumed last Monday in West Des Moines.  Unlike the first two weeks of the season, Week 3 featured no forfeits!  Attendance was still lower than expected due to vacations and various camps, but a few teams had subs for the first time all season.CILA Logo

With each team playing their final opponent, one undefeated team was due to fall and at least one winless team would rise.

Junior Division

Machine 11, Rattlers 0

Nationals 9, Bayhawks 3


  1. Nationals 3W 0L 0T
  2. Machine 2W 1L 0T
  3. Bayhawks 1W 2L 0T
  4. Rattlers 0W 3L 0T

Senior Division

Lizards 9, Cannons 3

Hounds 8, Outlaws 1


  1. Lizards 3W 0L 0T
  2. Cannons 2W 1L 0T
  3. Hounds 1W 2L 0T
  4. Outlaws 0W 3L 0T

When the rosters were released, many expected the Nationals to sit atop the rankings.  The same can be said for the Senior Division’s Outlaws, who share a coaching staff.  Interestingly, the Rattlers and Lizards also share a staff.  Holding an undefeated record in one division while being win less in the other is perplexing.

The Machine and Cannons share a staff, as do the Bayhawks and Hounds.

Next week’s schedule:

Junior Division

  • Machine vs Nationals
  • Rattlers vs Bayhawks

Senior Division

  • Cannons vs Outlaws
  • Lizards vs Hounds

Both sets of games repeat the second week’s schedule.  As you may recall, only two of these games actually occurred.  The Machine forfeited to the Nationals due to having an insufficient number of players in the early game and the Outlaws followed suit with a forfeit to the Cannons in the second.  The other games saw a pair of shutouts with the Bayhawks over the Rattlers and the Lizards over the Hounds.  While an unbalanced schedule is not ideal, at least this scenario allows the forfeited games to (possibly) be made up while preventing an immediate rematch in the semifinals on July 25.

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