Summer 2013 Youth Lacrosse

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The 2013 iteration of the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association’s Summer Youth Lacrosse Program kicked off last Monday.  Once again sponsored by the Walnut Creek YMCA, this year’s program is similar to the 2012 league with boys broken into two age groups of four teams each and girls participating together, regardless of age.

Unfortunately enrollment is down slightly this year, with the total number being around 90, as opposed to topping 100 last summer.  Luckily this is tied to the emergence of a couple more youth programs in the city rather than a decreased level of interest.  Still, it is kind of disheartening to see fewer kids on our fields…

This year’s coaching staff is made up primarily of underclassmen, many of whom participated last year.  It is great to see Valley’s players so eagerly contributing the growth of the game on a local level.  Overall, they have been quite enthusiastic and have done a great job of working with the boys.

Coach Jaacki has a few more girls to work with this year, which is great.  One of our primary focuses has been to increase participation among girls, and we are getting there in baby steps.  Another positive note is that this year’s group are on the upper end of their middle school years, which means that they will be ready to transition to the high school team sooner rather than later.CILA Logo

The boys’ games begin on Thursday night.  I plan to stay on top of scores this summer, even if pictures and commentary are harder to come by…

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