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I want to welcome all of the long time Lacrosse All Stars fans and former Central Iowa Lacrosse and Sports Ramblings readers to Lacrosse Iowa. This is a bold new day for lacrosse in Des Moines.

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I have to admit that I’m a little nervous. Since 2008 I have written little blog posts about the development of lacrosse in Iowa (and occasional supplementary material) over in my own little corner of the internet. Sure I know I was getting decent numbers – enough to catch the eye of a few important people, at least – but I was really only catering to a small audience, namely potential laxers in the Des Moines area.  My blog existed only to promote the possibility of organized lacrosse in Central Iowa.

Action shot at the 2009 Valley Tigers fall scrimmage, testing Tribe 7's Savage 7 & Thundershaft

As  I have grown more confident about the progress of lacrosse in Des Moines – and all of Iowa – the time seemed right to join Wilson, Tumbas, my good friend Payu, and all of the other outstanding LAS contributors. This decision was really a no-brainer; LAS is the premier lacrosse destination on the internet. I only hope that I can live up the high standards set by those that came before me. This is the big leagues. This is the Show.

The LAS staff brought over all of my old content, some of which I plan to weed out.  There is definitely some stuff that the average LAS has no use for, is outdated, or is otherwise just absolute crap.  I will have some fresh content posted in the days to come.  I am expecting some new unreleased equipment to review, I will have a review of the new Evolve Lacrosse uniforms used by my men’s team, and there will be weekly updates about our local Summer Lacrosse League.

Gearing up for the first game of our first season of Box Lacrosse in Des Moines

In the meantime I encourage you to check out some of my past blogs.  My personal recommendation is the Major League Lacrosse expansion series I wrote last winter, which has been referenced by others on the Lacrosse Forums recently.  It sloppily transitions to my old blog, but I will work on getting that cleaned up soon.

Thank you for reading. Have a great Independence Day!

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