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Box Lacrosse League Suspended for 2013

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After posting some great news the other day, it is my regret to announce that the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association will not be sponsoring a box lacrosse league this season.  This decision was months in the making and took a huge emotional toll on me. Roughly a year after I laid the groundwork to establish […]


2012 BLL: Championship Game Photos

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I received a few pictures from the 2012-13 Box Lacrosse League Championship Game this morning.  This match saw the Macaques face the defending champions on January 24.  The Cyclones secured their fourth consecutive championship with a three goal victory.    

One of our disappointed box laxers

2012 BLL: Final Night of Box Lacrosse

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Though the 2012 Box Lacrosse League wrapped up two weeks ago (photos will be sent to me, I’m told) Central Iowans will have one more night to lax it up.  We will host the final pick up game of the season at the Soccer House from 9:00-10:30 pm. The pick up game is open to […]


2012 BLL: Week Seven Results & Week Eight Predictions

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Registration for Valley’s 2013 season is underway. Practices plans and other coach-type stuff is being worked on constantly. And in my “real life” outside of lacrosse, I received some unexpected -but good- news that ate up two of my lunch hours last week. I don’t even remember Friday…

Me summer lax

Self Evaluation 2012

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It is hard to believe that I have only been doing this – all of this – for four years.  With my year round commitment to lacrosse, there are times when it feels like I have been doing this forever.  Yet other times it feels like yesterday that I got my first stick.  I have […]

One of our disappointed box laxers

2012 BLL: Week Six Results

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So remember last week when I predicted that I would have some “old man” aches? You know, stuff like lower back pain and knee stiffness? Well, yeah. That hit me this morning.

2012 Box Lax

2012 BLL: Photo Blog

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At long last, I have pictures of the 2012 Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Box Lacrosse League! Presented without commentary, here are pics from the Cyclones vs Singha game on November 15, 2012.

One of our disappointed box laxers

2012 BLL: Week Five Results

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For the first time in nearly a month I was able to participate in the Box Lacrosse League. After spending the day at home putting up Christmas decorations with my family, I was ready to lax.


2012 BLL: Week Five Predictions

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Quick poll: Is there any gift greater than laxing on your birthday? What if your birthday is post-Thanksgiving and you live in an area where lax is still largely foreign? Just out of curiosity…


2012 BLL: Week Four Predictions

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After failing to pick the biggest item of the night last week, I’ll give it another go.  But first, let’s take a look at how I did with last week’s Box Lacrosse League predictions: Game 1 – Tropics vs Cyclones — Winner: Cyclones How did I do?  The Cyclones extended their streak last week. Game […]


2012 BLL: Week Three Results

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Thursday night the 2012 Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Box Lacrosse League wrapped up the first round of games. Sadly I had a household emergency that prevented me from going.  Let’s just say that when you own a house, you begin to learn that building codes are not always closely adhered to when do-it-yourselfers decide to […]

Gearing up for the first game of our first season of Box Lacrosse in Des Moines

2012 BLL: Week Three Predictions

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By popular demand, I am happy to present the return of the Box Lacrosse League predictions! Now that Valley has wrapped up its fall ball schedule, I have freed up valuable time to carefully evaluate this year’s teams.


Box Lacrosse League: 2012 Season Starts Tonight!

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Tonight marks the beginning of the fourth annual Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Box Lacrosse League!  Des Moines’ longest running lacrosse league returns to the Soccer House for another winter of hard-hitting action. After fielding five teams for the last two seasons, the league has contracted to four.  The Bulldogs team, representing the Drake University lacrosse […]