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A Roadmap for the Expansion of Iowa High School Lacrosse Part 3

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*Notice:  This article will focus on boys lacrosse at the high school level as it is the area that I am most directly involved in.  Girls lacrosse in Iowa is developing at a slower clip, so we may visit that topic in the future. Part 1 of this article discussed the history of high school […]


Summer 2013 Youth Lacrosse: Week 3 Results

0 - Published July 15, 2013 by in CILA, Des Moines, Girls, Summer League, Youth

After taking a week off for the Fourth, youth lacrosse resumed last Monday in West Des Moines.  Unlike the first two weeks of the season, Week 3 featured no forfeits!  Attendance was still lower than expected due to vacations and various camps, but a few teams had subs for the first time all season. With […]


Summer 2013 Youth Lacrosse

0 - Published June 18, 2013 by in CILA, Des Moines, Girls, Summer League, Youth

The 2013 iteration of the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association’s Summer Youth Lacrosse Program kicked off last Monday.  Once again sponsored by the Walnut Creek YMCA, this year’s program is similar to the 2012 league with boys broken into two age groups of four teams each and girls participating together, regardless of age. Unfortunately enrollment is […]


Quick Updates

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My apologies for the lack of information lately.  This season really got away from me with the busier head coach requirements and a few other things that complicated the situation.  I am currently working on digging myself out and hope to be back on track by the end of next week. The Central Iowa Lacrosse […]


YMCA/CILA 2013 Youth Lacrosse Program

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We’ll help your child have fun and learn America’s oldest sport in our new lacrosse league.  We will focus on teaching your child the skills and fundamentals of the game, as well as bringing team work and character building through friendly competition.  Your son or daughter will get equal playing time and opportunities in 8 […]