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2013 Valley Tigers Lacrosse: Week Two

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Founded in 2008, the Valley Tigers Lacrosse Club are members of the Nebraska High School Lacrosse League based roughly two hours from Central Iowa in Omaha, NE.  The Tigers joined the league as a JV team in the 2009 season.  They moved to the varsity level in 2010 where they have finished in the top […]


Northeast Iowa, Mark Your Calendar for April 25

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As we continue to hammer out the process of expanding youth lacrosse in the Des Moines area, plans are already in place in Northeast Iowa.  The University of Dubuque is partnering with the Dubuque Lacrosse Association for a free lacrosse clinic on Wednesday, April 25.  The head coaches of the recently announced Spartans mens and […]

LAS Grab Bags Going Fast!

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Head over the Lax All Stars shop to get the sickest swag in the game – the 2011 LAS Grab Bag! What’s that?  You don’t know what’s in the bag?  Click here my friend! And you know all about the 12 Days of Laxmas, right? Each Grab Bag you order gets you X number of […]

Thailand Needs Your Help

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TLA Staff | October 31, 2011 TLA News: Thailand Lacrosse Association is asking the lacrosse community to reach out, and support the effort to help out the flood victims in Thailand’s biggest flood in 50 years. For weeks now, Payu and members of TLA have been aiding the Thais who were effected by the flood but […]

2011 SLL Champions - Gargoyles

Media Day

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Because one of our primary goals is to increase lacrosse awareness and participation in Des Moines, we are finding ways to generate exposure. In addition to this blog, Gargoyles player Shawn Harrington is a contributor on Des Moines Is Not Boring.  Shawn is also active in the community and has contacts within the local media.  […]

NCAA D1 Lax Expansion Candidate – UNO

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This year has been rather amazing for college lacrosse fans.  Whereas we usually receive news about a smaller, fairly unknown university adding or moving to NCAA Division I lacrosse, in the past twelve months we’ve been treated to new about two major schools adding the sport. Although Marquette lacks a football program, they are known […]


The Show

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I want to welcome all of the long time Lacrosse All Stars fans and former Central Iowa Lacrosse and Sports Ramblings readers to Lacrosse Iowa. This is a bold new day for lacrosse in Des Moines. I have to admit that I’m a little nervous. Since 2008 I have written little blog posts about the […]

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DM Lax Store in 2012?

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Absolutely, or so I’ve been told. I cannot divulge too much information right now, but I have been speaking with a local proprietor for quite a long time about getting some proper lax equipment in the metro.  Based on the brief conversation we had last night, the plan is to have actual lax equipment – […]

>NLL Prediction Results

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>I meant to get these up yesterday, but I was having too much fun with my new project. Sorry. Now that the first game of the season is in the books (I had company last night and had to work this morning so I have not checked the score), here are your predictions for the […]

>My Taste In Sports – Adulthood

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>When I got to Iowa State in the fall of 1997, I loved no sport as much as hockey. Sure football still lingered as a secondary sport. Mostly I followed football for social reasons (still pretty much that way); not many people I knew followed hockey. Basketball and baseball pretty much fell off my radar […]