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Valley Fall Ball: Off To Lincoln

0 - Published October 19, 2012 by in Box, CILA, Des Moines, High School, Nebraska League, Valley

A caravan of SUVs, cars, and minivans will pull out of the parking lot at Valley Southwoods freshman high school in West Des Moines tomorrow morning around 7:00 am.  Each vehicle will be filled with gear bags, sticks, and sleepy eyed high school boys.  Thus begins the  2012 Lincoln Rampage Mid-Fall Classic game day for the Valley Tigers.

Roughly three hours later, the players will emerge from their respective vehicles, sluggish yet eager.  A chorus of yawns and an almost choreographed display of stretches will lead to a disjointed removal of several bags of equipment from said vehicles.  From there, a meandering line of players will amble towards the playing fields.  Most will stop by the Porta Potties; a few may hit up the food vendor.  Before long, they will meet up and begin waking up.

2009 Mid-Fall Classic – Nate Kaufman & Tanner McDougal

Once all traces of  the Sandman have been removed, the boys will start their pregame ritual.  Just before 11:00 am the captains will venture onto the field with the referees.  Shortly after, Drew Coleman will take the first face off of the Tigers’ 2012 fall ball season against Millard North.

2009 Mid-Fall Classic – Cam Bostwick

Roughly an hour and a half later, Valley will face Westside.  They will suit up against Burke in the early afternoon before closing the day against league champions Lincoln.

2009 Mid-Fall Classic – Sam Arends

Sometime before 5:00 pm, the bags and players will be packed back into their vehicles and the caravan will depart for home.  Some will choose to stop for dinner in Lincoln.  Others will pull off in Omaha.  A few adventurous souls will push straight through to West Des Moines, arriving around 8:00 pm.  After 13 hours on the road, most will be ready to call it a night.

Following the additional 20 minute drive home from Southwoods, I will spend the evening mentally going over the games.  I will be looking for points of emphasis – both positive and negative – to bring to practice on Tuesday as we prepare for a second set of games on November 4.  And I will be noting opposing players in preparation for the spring season.  If there is time, I may even update the team’s scores.

2009 Mid-Fall Classic team

Sunday morning I will shift my focus to setting up the 2012 Central Iowa Lacrosse Association Box Lacrosse LeagueRegistration ends at 11:00 am on Sunday.  Games begin on Thursday.

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