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Valley Lacrosse 2.0

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This is turning into a season of changes for the Valley Tigers.  We have already announced the unfortunate departure of head coach Zach Zielonko, as well as assistants Tyler Nielsen and Austin Ladd.  While I have assumed head coaching duties, we are currently speaking with candidates to volunteer as assistants.  The sideline will look much different in 2013 compared to years past.

A positive change has come via the West Des Moines Community School district.  Earlier this year, the district voted to update and formalize its colors, fonts, and logos.  As part of this change, the lacrosse team has been asked to adopt the new logo system.  Despite our club status, we quickly embraced the change and the recognition that comes with it.

Valley Lacrosse’s new work mark

Our uniforms will gradually transition from the old logo to the new design.  The first item confirmed to be updated, our shorts will receive a makeover with the new logo, striping, and the school-specific orange.  We are working on a time table to replace our jerseys as well.  Ultimately, our goal is to have a consistent uniform across the varsity and JV.

Remove the “Lacrosse” & this is the new uniform logo

Unfortunately this does mean that our helmet design will change as well.  Details regarding our new lacrosse helmet design will be released at a later date.

Unfortunately this could be gone come spring…

Lastly, I am pleased to announce that we are pursuing the addition of  middle school team this spring!  The Omaha Lacrosse Club sponsors an array of youth teams and has inquired about a West Des Moines team in the past.  With the success of the Central Iowa Lacrosse Association’s  youth program this summer and the continued interest among middle school players, we felt it was time to explore this option.  Games will be held exclusively in Omaha, but practices will be in West Des Moines.  More information about the youth program will be forthcoming.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle at this time is securing a volunteer coach dedicated to traveling with the team.  If you are interested in volunteering as a middle (or high school) coach, please contact me. Include your background with lacrosse, any coaching or teaching experience, and a brief description of your interest in coaching.  Volunteer coaches must register with US Lacrosse and will be subjected to a background check by the YMCA.

The word mark as presented on a black or color background

The new logo as it appears on white

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