Week 4 Results: Box Lacrosse League

0 - Published November 18, 2011 by in Box, CILA, Iowa Colleges

Holy crap.  I feel like an old man this morning.  My knees and back are sore.  My left hand is stiff from hitting the boards.  Worst of all, I destroyed my ankle last night, compounding my injury last week.  Thank God we have next week off for Thanksgiving…

On the positive side, the Soccer House finally has heat in the playing area.  When I arrived at the arena, it was tolerable and the goals were warm.  Unlike years past, I heard no complaints about the chilliness.  So there’s that.

Oh, and there were a couple of games played too.

Game 1 – Aces 14, Tigers 1

The Aces got off to a quick start and never let off.  Zielonko ran the offense from the point while the rest of the team created great offensive movement.  Defensively, they focused on the ball carrier with double teams.  The Tigers won more ground balls, but the Aces intercepted more passes and rebounds.

Kaufmann worked his ass off in the net, but faced an onslaught all night.  The Tigers defense played tighter than last week and demonstrated an improved understanding of marking up.  Unfortunately things fell apart on the offensive transition.  Still, the team got off more shots last night than in the first two games combined.  Fay’s goal was a thing of beauty.

Game 2 – Cyclones 14, Dragons 2

The Cyclones scored within the first minute.  The story line from the game above was pretty closely duplicated in this one, only with more intense checking and a few penalties thrown in for good measure.

Still the Dragons played strong lacrosse despite the scoreboard.  They could easily turn their season around and make a run in the playoffs.

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